Rover C

Rover C Metal Detector

Netbook PC Included

Pre-Configured Mini Laptop
Visualizer 3D

Representation of a ground scan with Rover C
showing a bronze artifact in Visualizer 3D.

The Rover C is the standard detector of the upscaled class of measuring instruments and it's based on an electromagnetic pulse method which can be used to detect sub-surface anomalies and objects in the target area.

Treasure hunting has never been easier than with the Rover C 3d metal detector. This powerful 3d imaging detector and ground scanner belongs to OKM's famous and well approved "Future Series". This unit includes all functions which are needed for a successful treasure hunt.

The redesigned 'New Edition' of Rover C includes the following special features:

  • Illuminated display for night searching.
  • Improved Magnetometer function and recognition.
  • Built-in LED's to light up the surface in the dark.
  • Integrated auto reversal function to improve scans.
  • Doubled recording speed for more accurate scan results.
  • Simplified and optimized menu for quicker starts also improving scan results
  • Reduced weight for comfortable long-term use
  • New lightweight long lige external Power Pack
  • Desert tan colored casing to prevent overheating.
  • Wireless stereo headphones for silent detection.
  • Delivered with shock resistant, waterproof Pelican case with wheels and extendable handle.

The Rover C has been one of the first metal detecting instruments which was able to perform geophysical and archaeological investigations in high depths and create detailed three-dimensional graphical images of the underground and its included objects or voids. This multi-purpose metal detecting instrument is able to visualize buried objects under the ground, find metal artifacts like gold and silver, chests, vases as well as voids, hidden rooms, graves or tunnel systems.

Now the Rover C is delivered with a pre-configurated outdoor mini laptop, where the 3d metal detector software and bluetooth data transfer technology is already installed and pre-configurated. You can start detecting right away. The mini laptop with its small size and lightweight enables you to take it anywhere you like. It is specially designed for outdoor activities so minor bumps and shocks are no longer an issue.

Rover C is used by metal detectorists all over the world and suitable for the following hunting tasks:

  • 3d metal detection to find buried metals
  • basic 3d cavity detection
  • 3d ground mapping
  • meteorite hunting
  • treasure hunting

Visualizer 3D Software

Measured data of the Future Series Rover C can be transfered to any computer or stored temporarily in the internal memory of the detector itself. After downloading the data, scans can be analysed with the Visualizer 3D software. This makes it possible to get exact information about the size of the buried or sub-surface object. Fine scans can show precise shapes of the target if enough measured values were recorded.

The Visualizer 3D has several filters which can be applied in order to enhance the scanned area.

  • Interpolation Filter
  • Deviating Points Filter
  • Classic View
  • Undo/Redo of Filters
  • Wireframe View

The Visualizer 3D is also capable of receiving data in real time where it can be viewed by the operator in quickly locating sub-surface targets. This has proven quite useful for utility locating. Any questions ask a representative for details. OKM also offers training for the Visualizer 3D software if required.


Available upgrades for Rover C

Super Sensor: With the optional available Super Sensor the functionality of the Rover C can be improved. The depth performance will be increased compared to the standard probe. It allows 3d area scans with high resolution as well as discrimination between ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Like all OKM metal detecting products, the Rover C has been tested and certified by leading technical experts. It has proven its reliability and powerful performance on-site by many treasure discoveries and metal finds. Convince yourself during a visit in our factory (after appointment only). Try out and test this metal detector to decide if it fits to your metal detecting needs.

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