Rover UC

Rover UC Metal Detector
Rover UC software in the smart phone

The new Rover UC computing technology
is directly coupled to a Smart Phone

Visualizer 3D

Representation of a ground scan with the Rover UC
showing a ceramic artifact in Visualizer 3D.

The remarkeable 3D STEALTH ground scanner, "Rover UC", is a monumental jump in technology. This scanner is disguised as a walking stick. So go ahead and use this detector in places that previously would have turned many heads. This deep scan detector takes all of the proven technology from the Rover C II coupled with a Super Sensor and has incorporated our Visualizer 3D software into a smart phone. NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!!! Again another step forward in advanced metal detection technology. Like the Rover Deluxe it is a stunning blend of functionality, ergonomics and futuristic design with both a combined metal detector as well as an EMSR Sensor.
Now the amount of scans that can be made are stored directly onto your Smart Phone! Data manipulation is done on the Smart Phone directly or it can be transferred to a PC and further worked with the Visualizer 3D if desired.

The device includes the following functionality:
  • Wireless telescopic probe capable of detecting items to 18m (60')
  • Complete functionality on a Smart Phone1
  • "3D Scan" mode with GST/EMSR scanner

With all of the computing power that the smart phones posesses, our engineers and software developers have built a Super Easy to operate unit with all of the power and performance you can ask for. Touch the screen! Go Ahead, that is how the data is analyzed! Full 3D vision, zooming and rotation literally on your fingertip.

The user interface can be operated in the following languages:

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Français
  • Español
  • عربي
  • فارسی
  • Ελληνικά
  • Türkçe
  • Italiano
  • Nederlands

Visualizer 3D Software

For those who still wish to use a PC, the software is still fully compatible with the Visualizer 3D. Measured data of the Future Series Rover UC can be transfered to any computer or stored in the smart phones memory. After transferring the data, scans can be analysed with the Visualizer 3D software. This makes it possible to get exact information about the size of the buried or sub-surface object. Fine scans can show precise shapes of the target if enough measured values were recorded.

The Visualizer 3D has several filters which can be applied in order to enhance the scanned area.

  • Interpolation Filter
  • Deviating Points Filter
  • Classic View
  • Undo/Redo of Filters
  • Wireframe View

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